Animation Explainer Video

We create eye-catching and engaging animation explainer videos for local businesses to be able to stand out from the competition.

Where to promote your animated explainer video?

By investing in this service, you can advertise your video across your social media platforms so that you can attract more awareness of your products or/and services. Also, it's great to place your video on your web design so that you can improve your SEO, increase enquiries and sales. Explainer videos can get your brand's culture and values across to your target audience in a transparent way so why miss out on a great opportunity to create an animated explainer video for your company.

Our Unique Approach

We follow a transparent and collaborative process each step of the way and consider our clients an integral part. We take your vision and preference and transform it into your company explainer video that radiates your brand identity. With our approach, your audience will learn about your product or services in the best way possible.

Our extensive practice and knowledge allow us to do a great job at producing the ideal video, business goals and requirements. Being a digital marketing agency, we know all about the right marketing tactics and how to sell your product and services to your audience with a short and fun explainer video.

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Why get an Animated Explainer Video?

By investing in our animation explainer video services, we will provide you with exceptional video marketing tactics that connect your brand with your ideal target audience. Nowadays It is hard to keep your readers to stay on a written post, but with a good and intriguing video, they will most likely stay and watch it which will help them understand your offering in a much clearer way.

This is also great for SEO purposes because when search engines choose who to rank on the top of their pages they take into consideration how long viewers have stayed on your pages.

What does your animation explainer video include?

The services we propose as a part of your animated explainer video includes scriptwriting, background music, imagery, and much more. We make sure that the video is of high-quality and perfect length so that your viewers don't lose interest even for a single second!

Our expert opinion is to create a video between 60-90 seconds long to convey your key message loud and clear so that your audience is compelled to take an action.

Scriptwriting Created

A killer script can make your animated video go from 0 to 100! We have a team of scriptwriters that would write the perfect script for your video.

Voiceover Recording

No matter what language or gender you want voice recorded, we will add the most fitting voice for your company explainer video.

Background Imagery

Our creative graphic designers will create unique and innovative background images for your video to help your products and services be seen in the best way possible.

Background Music

What good is a video without some catchy background music? If you don’t have any music then we will take care of that, and can send a list of instrumentals you can use for your animated explainer video.

Animation Explainer Video Portfolio

We don't just go around praising ourselves. Our work represents our unique talent. Check out the videos below to see for yourself!


Here are some of our most frequently answered questions and answers for Animation Explainer Video services

What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is to mainly explain your business or idea to your target audience. We use a clear and concise approach to explain everything about your business in an effective way.

Why do I need an explainer video?

Whatever type of business you run by having an animated explainer video you are able to connect to your customers in a unique way, instruct your audience about your products and service, stand out from your competitors and boosts sales and SEO.

How long should my company explainer video be?

Usually, an explainer video is 1-2 minutes long. If it is more than that, it defies the purpose of engagement, and the average views drop to half. We always recommend having a 60-90 seconds long video to engage your audience in the best way.

How much does animated explainer videos cost?

It depends on the complexity and duration of your video. Schedule a free strategy session so we can gather more information about your ideas so we can then give you a quote.

Where can I use my animated explainer video?

You can use these videos wherever you think it will be most effective like

  • Social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.)
  • Email Marketing/Newsletters
  • Service/Product pages
  • Landing pages
  • TV Adverts
What is your Animated Explainer Video Production Process?

Our Process explained in 6 easy steps:

Step 1 Concept: We will take your concept and transform it into creative ideas to generate a unique video.

Step 2 Scripting: With our exceptionally talented team's help, we will write a script that will clearly and concisely describe your business without making it dull.

Step 3 Voiceover: To make your video sound intriguing, we will use a professional voice actor for doing voice over. in your videos.

Step 4 Illustration:   We provide you with illustrations to explain how the video will look in its static form.

Step 5 Animation: Our skilled animators will create visual masterpieces to bring your video to life with video animation.

Step 6 Delivery: We put some final touches in the video, ask your opinion, make necessary changes, and provide you with the perfect explainer video.

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