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We create eye-catching and engaging animation explainer videos for local businesses to be able to stand out from the competition.

By investing in this service, you can advertise your video across your social media platforms so that you can attract more awareness of your products or/and services. Also, it's great to place your video on your website so that you can increase improve your SEO plus increase enquiries and sales. Explainer videos can get your brands culture and values across to your target audience in a transparent way.

Our animated explainer production process ensures that we collaborate with you every step of the way as you'll be an integral part of making your animation video a success as you'll know your brand, audience and product/service better than anyone else.

With our experience and knowledge, we understand how to ensure your video works effectively and will ensure we create you a successful and stunning video that your audience can resonate to and most importantly engage with. This is our goal for all our partners no matter what industry you're in, aim and audience you have, we make sure that you receive a video that you're happy with presenting online.

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The services we can offer as part of your animated explainer video are scriptwriting, voiceovers, background music and background imagery all in full HD that can last for as little as 15 seconds. Based on our experiences the length of an explainer video should be between 60-90 seconds which is a perfect length of time to get your key message across as well as keep your audience entertained and encourage them to take a form of action without losing their interest.

Included in your animation explainer video


Voiceover Recording

Background Imagery

Background Music

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