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Online Presence Analysis and Audit

Before beginning a successful digital marketing strategy or revamp of a website, you'll need in-depth analysis and audit performed by online marketing and web design experts.

Complete Analysis & Audit 

By performing a full analysis and audit, we'll begin by looking at your website and social media channels to get a clear idea of your current state of affairs. This will help us find out how your current online presence is within your marketplace compared to your main competitors.


When performing an audit, it needs to be thoroughly done so that we can identify and rectify any stumbling blocks that are affecting the performance of your website and other online channels. This will help create the foundation for any digital marketing campaigns. When completing an online presence analysis and audit, we provide you with a 10-15 minute video that will consist of a review of your On-Page SEO, backlinks, Google My Business, social media, site speed and web design. All of these profiles have a significant impact on how well your site performs and how you can increase your sales and brand awareness. As well as this, we will compare how well these profiles do to your main competitors, and after we can create a plan that allows you to achieve your business needs and objectives. This will enable you to understand the improvements that can be made to your business so that you stay ahead of your competitors.

Effective Web Development Solutions

When performing an online analysis and audit, there is a lot of effort put into reviewing your online platforms. Our digital marketing team use a range of tools, techniques and resources which are proven to help develop an accurate analysis and audit. Once complete, we will submit a detailed video on our review, which will include clear and informative recommendations about the next direction to take. You'll then be able to book a free 15-30 minute strategy session with one of our expert digital consultants who can begin to help you create a plan on how you can achieve your business goals and objectives.

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"Ignoring how well your digital marketing and website is performing is like having a car and not doing an MOT." 


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