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“Decrease your load time and watch your sales & customer experience increase through our WordPress speed optimisation service.”

Have you ever thought of what sort of an effect your website's load time has? Living in an era where many people go to websites for information on your services, products and articles, browsing users have set higher standards for a web page’s performance. Today, users demand fast loading websites that enable them to enjoy visiting a website which ultimately will enhance their overall experience. Our goal is to offer your online users the experience they deserve which is why all of our web design services are optimised for optimal speed!

Looking for WordPress speed optimisation services? Web Page Traffic should be your go-to option. We offer this quality service to all types of companies with a WordPress content management system. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to producing quick results while coming up with innovative solutions to all your website loading problems.


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Why Optimise your Website Speed?

Our WordPress speed optimisation allows your website to load lightning fast. We understand that having a slow website can be frustrating, so we are here to take the headache away from you and provide you with a hassle-free service that will help load your site under 3 seconds which is the recommended loading time according to Google & many web design experts.

Having a WordPress website that loads quickly means you'll rank higher in the search engines and is an essential factor when performing an SEO campaign. By having a fast loading website you’ll benefit from users staying on your site much longer, which will increase the chances of you making a sale or having a lead come through your website. To ensure your site loads well all the time after you receive a WordPress speed optimisation service why not check out our WordPress website maintenance services.

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Our Website Optimisation Process

We've helped many businesses speed up their WordPress websites through our professional WordPress speed optimisation services. There are three stages we take to fix your speed. The first stage we take is to run a report using our site speed tools and manually checking your site by gathering your login details for WordPress and the FTP or Cpanel of your website. Once we've performed our initial analysis, the 2nd stage is to fix the issues slowing down your WordPress site by identifying quick wins.

And the final stage will include us reconfiguring your WordPress settings to improve your picture size and compression, optimising the caching, and look at tweaking your database for maximum speed. We would also recommend using our hosting plan for most websites as it can massively reduce your load time.

How to check your Website Speed?

If you're unaware of how fast your site currently is, we recommend using an advanced site speed tool called GTmetrix which is 100% free for you to use and will give you a detailed report on what you'll need to do to improve your WordPress speed optimisation.  

Benefits of Website Speed Optimisation Service

  • A perfect first impression on visitors using your website
  • Lower bounce rate and greater conversion leading to increased sales and leads
  • Higher rankings within the search engines such as Google which is a huge ranking factor when performing SEO
  • Users on your website staying on your site for longer periods

What makes Web Page Traffic a Great Choice?

Our customers who invest their money into our WordPress Speed Optimisation services will most of the time see their website load time drop to between 1-3 seconds. Anything over 5 seconds is going to damage your Google rankings and conversion rates. Web Page Traffic helps your website perform to it’s best ability.



Here are some of our most frequently answered questions and answers for our WordPress website speed optimisation services

How do I check the current speed of my website?

There are a variety of tools you can use to check the speed of your website, the number tool we rely on using and the recommended tool we advise you to use is GT Metrix.

Why get WordPress speed Optimisation services?

You will get a higher ranking on Google search engines for fast loading websites. Speed optimised websites also improves the user experience which is fundamental when wanting to have high conversions on your website.

How do I get a fast WordPress website?

Some tips to follow:

  • Use a better web hosting company
  • Choose a lightweight WordPress theme
  • Reduce the sizes of your images
  • Minify CSS and JS files
  • Use advanced caching
  • Use a CDN
  • Enable GZIP compression
  • Clean up your WordPress database.
What logins will you need from me?

To begin with your WordPress speed optimisation project we will need login access to your WordPress admin dashboard and FTP or Cpanel.

How long will this service take to be completed?

This all depends on the amount of work needed to ensure your website speed is to the recommended loading time, generally speaking it takes us 3 to 5 working days.

Need your WordPress site speed faster?

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